Agreement of purchase and sale of an animal

date _______ SUNNY LION kennel Breeder: Serafin Nataliia Kyiv, Ukraine
For the purchase and sale of the following dog/puppyBreed: __ _____________Color: __ ______________Sex: ___ __________________________Name: __ _______Date of birth: ____ ________________Reg. no.: ________Association: ___ UKU-FCI ______________Sire: Dam:
Purchased by:
Street Address: __ ______County: ___ __________________Country: ____ __________________Date: ______________________Email: ____
Price: ___ ________________This dog is sold as: __ _

Section 1THE BUYER:1. The BUYER shall NEVER surrender the dog/puppy to a pet shop, humane society, animal shelter or any other place of similar characteristics. Neither shall the BUYER surrender the dog/puppy to be studied for scientific or research purposes. 2. The BUYER shall maintain the dog/puppy in optimum conditions, providing all required for the physical and psychological well being of the dog/puppy. 3. The BUYER shall always keep the BREEDER informed of the whereabouts of the dog/puppy and shall notify the BREEDER of any change of address, telephone number, etc. 4. Should the BUYER place the dog/puppy with a third party (hereinafter NEW OWNER) in the future, the BUYER shall make every effort to assure the well being of the dog/puppy and suitability of the new home. The BUYER shall inform the BREEDER of said new ownership and make the NEW OWNER aware of this Agreement. All terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be transferred to the NEW OWNER, who shall be fully responsible for compliance with the same. 5. The BUYER shall notify the BREEDER of any future health problem that could be hereditary or genetic. (see Section 2, point 4). 6. The BUYER shall not breed the dog/puppy unless sold as a breeding/show dog.

Section 2

1. The BREEDER shall deliver the dog/puppy in optimum conditions of health, with pertinent vaccinations and pedigree . PICKUP. The subject matter of the purchase will be ready to be picked up from the date of: till _______. If the pickup is delayed the deposit is non-refundable in all cases
2. To ensure health of the dog upon purchase:
• The BREEDER shall provide a Veterinary Certificate of Health issued within 5 days prior to the date of sale, or
• The BUYER shall take the dog to their veterinarian within 3 days following receipt of the dog/puppy.
The BUYER shall immediately inform the BREEDER of the results of said examination. Should any health problems be found, the BREEDER shall be liable for veterinary costs up to but not exceeding the purchase price. Should the BUYER fail to take the dog/puppy to the veterinarian within 3 days and duly inform the BREEDER in writing of the results of the same within one week following date of purchase, the BUYER shall be exonerated of all health commitments herein.

Additional for the Breeding/Show cat:

• Compensation for this animal shall be as indicated:

• Purchase price only __ ___
• Deposit___--------- euro ____________

• another: Buyer pays for shipping the puppy. Full payment for the transportation of the dog and the dog should be made to send a puppy

This Agreement, consisting of the front and back of this page, is signed in duplicate, one copy for the BUYER and the other for the BREEDER, on the date of ____/__/___ . If faxed, both parties recognize the facsimile copy as an original.

Signed by: The BUYER ____ ______
Signed by: The BREEDER __ Serafin Nataliia ____________