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Life with a Chihuahua is happiness! We share our happiness with people!

Chihuahua puppies

The birth of puppies in the kennel is a long-awaited and joyful event! Our puppies grow up in love and care! I will be very happy if, thanks to our kennel, you will gain happiness and joy from communicating with your little friend for many years.

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We do not always have puppies for sale. We have a small number of pedigree dogs and try to maintain the very essence of a "family kennel". We carefully approach breeding, we carefully select litters, the puppies are born in the family, next to us under constant supervision.If you are interested in a puppy from our kennel, write to us.

Our puppies were bornpedigree puppies <<<<<

In order to reserve the puppy you should pay 30 % of the price of the puppy in advance. This advance payment guarantee you that this puppy reserved for you and would not be offered to another customer. This is the way of reserving a small puppy, which is not yet ready (too small) to bear the transporation. If for some reason by the time when the baby is old enough to travel overseas there would be some nature defects appeared, which would create a problem for the puppy career in the future – the advance payment would be returned unconditionally. Deposit for reservation of a puppy is not returned. - Except a case, when breeder himself refuses to sale a puppy.
We update this page sale of puppies and adult dogs , when we have someone to sell. All puppies sold are removed from this page. We do not take an order for the unborn puppies. In breeding kennel uses only the finest imported and domestic manufacturers . We can not guarantee that all of our puppies will be future champions. During the growth of the exterior and the bite can be changed , unfortunately. Also, just to calculate future puppy's weight in 2 to 3 months old is quite difficult. If the puppy is sold in small age , we can not guarantee you that this puppy will be show class . If you want to be sure of the quality and guaranteed to have a dog show and breed class , consider oldest or adult dogs that we have for sale.

Our puppies are sold under a sales contract

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